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Welcome! I'm Christopher Isagi, a young writer with a strong conviction that information makes the world go round. Information is like light, without it the world will be in perpetual darkness with no hope of ever making progress, but thanks to information we all can "know" something and do something as a result of what we know.

This desire to help people discover light in different areas of life has spurred me to create this blog so that people can find knowledge when they most need it, at its most understandable and simple format and practical enough to get you started with whatever you are looking for. If for some reason you end up not knowing after visiting, I wonder where else you will know :)

This blog is really all about you, you and just you. It will be my greatest joy to know that you know something new just because you visit this blog. So make sure you make this blog you major stop in times of a need to "know" and you will be glad you always stopped by.

One more thing before I forget, Christopher Isagi is up for hiring.


  • Content Writing: I will write great content for your website that will achieve the purpose in your heart, all you just need to do is tell me the purpose and you have it.
  • Screen Writing: I will write a professional screenplay for that great movie idea you've got.
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