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How To Survive Through Stress

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Stress! What a word. As short as it sounds with only six letters spelling it, this simple but yet complicated word has cunningly found its way into our everyday vocabulary. We find ourselves saying it almost all the time without always really feeling the stress symptoms. I’m sure you will agree with me on that.
I know stress may have become a household name we all use. As much as we know how to use this word and actually feel the pain of this unwanted but regular phenomenon, how many people really know how to put a handle on it? Not many I guess, that is why you are probably reading this right now. My intention is to actually reveal to you my personal methods of surviving stress when it comes.

Settle This in Your Heart
No matter how hard you try, there will come a point in your life where you would be stressed. This is not really about whether or not you want it; it will certainly come if you for any reason have a task you must achieve. It gets even serious for those who work in an office where you need to give a reasonable level of thinking to whatever task it is you were given by your boss or even as the boss yourself. Just like it is said “a good life doesn’t come without working.” It is also said that there is no food for a lazy man.
If you believe this then you should agree with me that you must put some efforts in whatever it is your life is about and if you actually do get into any activity of any kind then you will get stressed no matter how hard you try not to. So settle that in your heart rather than argue that you can prevent it from happening.
Talking about preventing it, of course there are preventive measures for stress, but that doesn’t mean it totally keeps it away. Which means at some point you will need to know how to deal with it rather than run away from it. I know, the truth they say is harsh, but you need to accept it at its early stage and learn to live with it rather than run away from it.
How to Deal with Your Stress Now
  1. Accept the fact: You will get stressed, its time you come to terms with this reality. The faster you do the less stressed you will actually get.
  2. Take control of your thoughts: This may not have been one of the regular things you are told to do when stressed, but this is actually the source of stress. Your mind harbours too many things that cause stress than you can fathom. So it’s important to keep your mind in check throughout the day and the only way to do that is to see things from a less serious perspective. Take things just the way they are by not complicating them any further. If your boss says “move downstairs,” you are expected to only hear the same that has been said and not “move downstairs you idiot.” This in other words could be; don’t let your mind play tricks on you.
  3. Locate the source of your stress: This is a very important part to surviving this little life sapping demon. Do you have too many kids than you can handle? Is your work schedule too tight or your workload too much? Are you under pressure to deliver on your tasks? There is no telling how free you will start to feel when you can pinpoint the source of you stress and you can do this by asking yourself simple question like that.
  4. Timeout: The world revolves around you! As selfish as this may sound, it is the truth and the quicker you accept this the faster you will start enjoying your life. When you start feeling stressed take out some to listen to your favourite music, take a short walk, talk to a funny pal, have a drink; just do whatever makes you happy. You get the idea right?
  5. Exercise your body: It may not always come as one of the options of dealing with this problem, but this really works. I have a friend who thinks exercising is just another way to stress your body. I don’t know where this idea was birthed from (which should not be much of your concern), what matters is for you to know that your body secrets hormones that make you happy when you exercise.
  6. Keep your environment Clean: As simple as this may sound, it could determine how much more stressed or not stressed you may be. A clean environment actually gives you a sense of freedom and peace. Have you ever gotten home and everywhere is scattered? What was your reaction? I bet it was not good. That simple feeling could lead to stress for most people of which if avoided would help you a great deal in fighting stress coming from other sources.
Life is a whole lot more fun when you already have the solution to a problem before it comes. Arm yourself with this information and kick stress out of your life before it kicks you out of your own life. Yeah, it gets that serious.
P.S: Remember, stress left to linger would only lead to other problems that may take longer time to deal with.

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